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Live streaming of TV channels over the Internet
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Watch over 100 live TV channels from ten countries over the Internet. The list of countries includes U.K., U.S., Canada, Germany, France, etc.

The Internet is an important source of information and entertainment, and thus, many conventional TV channels are transmitted through the Web. At the same time, many Web-online TV channels have emerged in recent years. This small program allows you to watch 100 TV channels from ten different countries, that is, 10 channels of each country. The supported countries are France, England, Russia, the US and others. Oddly enough, some Cuban and Latin TV channels are listed under the Spain flag.
The program is easy to use. You only need to push the button of the country whose channels you want to watch. A list of the different channel logos will appear below the countries' list. Then, you can push the button of the channel you want to watch.
Despite its simplicity of use and its nice interface, the program has important drawbacks. One of them is that the list of countries and channels is very limited, given the fact that there are literally thousands of TV channels you can watch on the Internet. Also, some of the listed channels don't work at all. Finally, there are some free programs with the same, or even better, features, so you may want to try another option.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Nice interface
  • Easy to use


  • Demo version only allows you to watch each channel during few seconds
  • Some of the channels don't work
  • The list of countries and channels is limited
  • There are free programs with pretty much the same functions
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